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Volleyball Fitness Training the Right Energy Systems

Appropriate energy system development allows volleyball players to perform stronger and more powerful without undesirable fatigue. All athletes need energy for volleyball training and competition. To understand the energy needs of a volleyball player , we must understand the bodys energy systems and how they need to be trained.

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Energy Systems involved in Volleyball The sport of volleyball is composed of short intervals of rapid and explosive movements such as jumping, diving and sprinting short distances. Because of the nature of the sport and the length of rallies, the sport is generally anaerobic, and uses these two systems for energy (ATP):

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All three systems are used when playing volleyball. While the ATP-PC and Anaerobic Glycolysis system are being used constantly, the Aerobic is the dominant System being used. The Aerobic System supplies the player with the energy to be sustained throughout the whole game.

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The energy system demands of a volleyball player are for the most part aerobic. What is important, however, is the energy system of a play, which is anaerobic in most cases. In a series of plays you will have a high intensity anaerobic burst followed by a recovery period. Your fitness level will determine if you can recover from the anaerobic burst in time to do it again.

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How do we train these energy systems? There are many common methods of training used to increase volleyball fitness. A few are… Line Drills. Running lines (often called suicides) during volleyball practice is a common method of energy training for volleyball. Speed Agility Drills. A good strategy may be manipulating the intensity and duration of your speed and agility training.

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Volleyball: Energy Systems* Anaerobic, ATP – CP. 75%. Anaerobic, Glycolysis. 10%. Aerobic. 15%. Pre – Competition Carb Loading. No. Average Calories Burned per One Hour** 320. Endurance Diet Required. No. Risk of Muscle Breakdown (Rhabdomyolysis)*** Low. Risk of Sports Injuries. Moderate. Benefits from Creatine**** Moderate. Fitness Demands. Agility . Yes. Endurance +

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The sport of volleyball is demanding and is largely considered to be an alactic-aerobic sport with rough estimates for contributions from the specific energetic pathways at 40% ATP-CP (Adenosine ...


The ATP-PC energy system is dominant in the first 4 to 10 seconds of work. So this short burst energy system plays an important part in the game of volleyball. The key is to be explosive and be able to recover to repeat this quality explosive trait for 84 to 110 minutes. This energy system is replenished by 50 percent within 30 seconds.