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Invest the time in making sure your physio has a strong sports background. Also if you're weight training for strength you don't reality need 5-10 movements for upper body. Get strong at bench and overhead press and do your chins. 2. level 2. laxation1.

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Vertical do 3 x 10 each leg. Lateral do 3 x 8 each leg, 16 total reps per set. Next do pogo jumps for 10 sec x 3 sets, do low squat jumps 10 sec x 3 sets and squat jumps 10 sec x 3. Then do 1 set of depth drops 6 reps, 1 set of depth drop with arm swinging down during landing 6 reps. Depth jumps 6 reps.

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use weight training to get strong this will make basketball easier (jumping, starting stopping, changing direction, etc). To get strong you need to lift heavy weights. Stick to the basics squat, deadlift, bench, OHP and Power Cleans. Do three sets of 5 twice a week and you should be good.

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Need help on your game, have a question or need advice? r/basketballtips has you covered with over 20000 members your question never goes unanswered. Post a video of your shot and members of the forum will help you improve. With tips and advice added everyday. 29.3k.

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Enable Custom Training for Hoops (Basketball Included) The basketball weighs more. Let us design custom shot drills on the hoops court, with the hoops ball. (Even the Workshop hoops map uses a soccar ball) After changing hoops from casual to ranked and turning it into the lifeless ballchasing clown fiesta where people insta-leave the second the ...

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1. Train to maximize total body strength and optimal body size through maximal effort work, hypertrophy training, and nutritional couseling. 2. Training outside of your comfort Zone to build mental stamina: need to create challenges often that cause an athlete to test courage and willingness to try. Attacking the rim vs Offensive

8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players

The importance of strength is quite evident in the sport of basketball. The days of just playing pick-up at the gym are over. It is important to participate in a truly comprehensive strength training program in order to improve performance on the court. Your strength program lays the foundation for your success.

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Penn State Basketball Gets Weight Room and Training Room Upgrades. With each passing day, things look better and better for Penn State Basketball. Head coach Micah Shrewsberry was able to bring back a lot of talent from last year's team, as well as bring on multiple important transfers. Recruiting is going very well, including a commitment from ...