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Zone Soccer. Game Description: The focus in Zone Soccer is on positioning: strikers, midfielders, defense, and goalkeeping. In this game, players must stay in their zones, and advance the ball by passing or chipping. Players rotate after awhile to have a chance playing all of the different positions.

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Participants play a modified version of soccer where they are required to stay within their zones. Participants work with their group members in other zones to advance the ball down the field to score on their opponent’s net. After a group has scored a goal, or after a designated time, participants and opponents rotate to the next zone in opposite directions, so that participants are not always defending the same opponents or the same area of the field.

Soccer End Zone Game

The soccer end zone game is a great soccer drill that will help coaches focus on all aspects of attacking and defending in soccer. Drill Setup. Create a 50X30 yard grid. Create a 5-yard end zones on each end of the field. Split the team into 2 evenly matched teams.

Zone Soccer | Youth Group Games

Zone soccer follows these same rules, with a simple change. Each player must stay within their designated zone for the entire game. Zone soccer can be played indoors or outdoors. To setup, you'll need to mark out the zones. Firstly, determine the total number of players on each team - that's how many zones you'll need.

Soccer Passing End Zone Game - Football Drill with endzone passes

In this soccer passing end zone game, 2 teams compete to gain possession of the ball in their opponents zone. Soccer transitional abilities and communication play an important role as players work hard. Preparation: - Set up this endzone game with 2 teams of 4 to 6 players per team. - Have a field 20 x 40 yards (adjust based on age/ability).

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