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What is the difference between a tennis grip and an overgrip ...

For example, did they mean replacement grip or overgrip? You’ll be surprised by how many customers frown their eyebrows, seemingly not knowing the difference. So in this article I’ll walk you through the difference between tennis replacement grips and overgrips and why you want to know a bit about them.

Tennis Grip vs. Overgrip: What’s the Difference ...

So, what’s the difference between replacement grips and overgrips? Replacement grips are thicker and wrap around the base of the handle. Overgrips are cheaper, thinner, and wrap over the replacement grip. If you use an overgrip, you no longer have to replace the replacement grip, (confusing, I know…), and you only need to worry about replacing the cheaper and easier to apply overgrip.

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The truth and truth is that you can put as many overgrips as you want, as long as you are comfortable. Eye, but remember the difference between grip and overgrip, since it is not the same. For example, I like my tennis rackets to have a thick grip so I can have a better grip, so I put on two.

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The difference between two overgrips and a replacement grip is that it slightly changes the racquet’s weight distribution, making it more head heavy. The grip size will also be smaller. The upside is that the grip may feel better to some players, and the bevels will be easier to feel.

Tennis Racquet Overgrip & Grip Difference?

In contrast to this, overgrips do not have an adhesive backing and they are comparatively thinner than replacement grips. Replacement grips are used to absorb sweat and to give some cushioning effect. Whereas, overgrip is majorly used to increase the grip size of a racquet.

Tennis Grip Vs Replacement Grip Vs Overgrip: Full Guide ...

Tennis grip is the grip that comes with a racket when you buy it. The replacement grip is used when the original grip is removed and placed in its place. An overgrip is placed over the grip to get more cushioning, sweat absorption, width, and traction. That being said, the difference between these grips is quite clear when you know about them.

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Overgrips are predominantly used to provide specific gripping characteristics or to slightly increase the grip size, while keeping your tennis racquet grip feeling fresh and new-looking. Overgrips come in a variety of colors and offer various levels of cushioning, thickness, and texture (e.g. from smooth, perforated, with raised ribs).

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When you putt on a overgrip it adds volume to the grip and makes it bigger. Smaller grip sizes are becoming more popular in the world of tennis as are Tennis Shock Absorbers. Overgrips are popular because it means a fresh new comfy grip before you go play! They also fit to your unique tennis style.

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